Sunday, June 22, 2008

Conflict Coaching

Illuminating discussion, on a blog devoted to anger management control, of one-on-one "conflict coaching," a service that can prove to be especially useful pre- and post-mediation.

Unlike mediators, conflict coaches deal with only one of the parties -- so, ideally, each mediation participant would have his or her own coach.
Conflict coaching is a one on one voluntary and confidential process that combines ADR and coaching principles. It is at its very essence, an individualized method for helping people effectively engage in conflict.

A few basic similarities between the fields of ADR and coaching, include the basic premises of self-determination and confidentiality. While some of the techniques and practitioner’s skills are similar, there are some major differences.

An important distinction is that the goals of those who participate in conflict coaching may not only be about resolving conflict. Rather, individuals seeking coaching (referred to as coachees in this presentation), may want to work on ways to prevent a dispute from unnecessarily escalating, to improve their competency in conflict management, to develop stronger communication skills for a difficult conversation and other objectives, that are often more about managing, than resolving.

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