Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Mediation Channel

Many thanks to mediator extraordinaire Diane Levin for her kind words on the Mediation Channel , one of the best blogs on issues relating to alternative dispute resolution. When it comes to spreading the peacemaking gospel, she's the real deal.

I just spent a gratifying chunk of time there exploring common interests and fresh insights, ranging from spotting fake smiles and the fabled Monty Hall problem to a food-fight animation and the upcoming Pangea Day on May 10. Great stuff!

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Diane Levin said...

Jerry, thank you so much for saying all that nice stuff about my blog! I am so grateful to Vickie Pynchon for pointing us all in your direction and introducing us to what is truly an original voice in the ADR blogosphere.

If your ears are burning today, it's because I'm addressing a group of mediators and am planning on sharing with them your enchanting words about mediation and magic.

No doubt about it, you've got us all under your spell. May the enchantment never be broken!

Best wishes,